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  • Winner Aluminium Single-Sided TanglePruf® Ladder

    - Single-sided stepladder with our Tanglepruf® feature

    - Basic domestic ladder.

    - Light duty, not suitable for trade and industrial purposes.

    - Useful as a cheap and light duty ladder for do...

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  • Winner Aluminium Double-Sided TanglePruf® Ladder

    - Double-sided stepladder with our Tanglepruf® feature.

    - Upgraded heavy-duty steps for superior strength and durability. Superior to all standard double-sided ladders in the market.

    - 150 kg (...

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  • Winner Compact Multi-Use Ladder

    - One ladder that serves many functions.

    - So compact it can fit into car boot, pick-ups and vans but yet can access high work area.

    - Most ideal for small tradesmen in air-conditioning, renovat...

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  • Winner Single Pole Customized

    - Aluminium Single Pole Ladder customized as monkey ladder

    - Tested by SIRIM and complied to BS EN 131 Standard.

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  • Winner Work Platform

    Handy, adjustable height working platform with a removable platform, allowing this ladder to function as a leaning pole ladder.

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