BS EN 131

BS EN 131 is the British Standard governing the specifications of ladders and stepladders constructed from aluminium, steel, plastics, or timber. Majority of Malaysian-made ladders being sold in the market are unable to fully meet the strengths specified in the standard.

Despite that, we strive to design most of our ladders in order to meet or exceed the specified strengths in the BS EN 131 standard. We believe that by producing a good quality ladder, our users will be able to access greater heights with better safety compared to other ladders available locally.

Most of our ladders that are tested are used in projects where quality and strength assurance is required. With that being said, our consumer range of ladders are designed to BS EN 131 standards even though they have not been sent for testing.

SIRIM performs the testing on our ladders based on the BS EN131 standard. Test reports are available for reference by request upon purchase, just let us know if you need it after placing your order.


Models that passed BS EN 131 standard:

Aluminium Ladders

  • WSP - Aluminium Single Pole Ladder
  • WTR - Heavy Duty Single Pole Ladder
Fiberglass Ladders
  • FDS Fiberglass Double-Sided Ladder
  • CFDS - Certified Fiberglass Double-Sided Ladder
  • FFDSFull Fiberglass Double-Sided Ladder
  • FSP - Fiberglass Single Pole Ladder
  • FFG - Full Fiberglass Single Pole Ladder