Heavy Duty Steps

Regular steps in the market are prone to deformation when used due to the open channel
shape of the steps. When that happens, the ladder becomes unsafe to use and the user 
will require a new ladder for optimum operational safety.

To address this problem with ladders in the market, we upgraded the steps on our 
double-sided ladders to a closed channel shape. This configuration significantly increases
the strength of the steps which is superior to available offerings in the market.

The result of this improvement is a heavy-duty and superior stepladder at minimal additional 
cost to the customers.


 Closed channel shape for superior strength 
 and durability.













 Our upgraded strong steps will be very resistant to
 these step deformations that is common
 among regular stepladders.












Models with this feature:

Aluminium Ladders

  • WDS - Aluminium Double-Sided Ladder
  • WPL - Aluminium Platform Ladder
  • WCL - Aluminium Compact Multi-Use Ladder
  • WMP - Aluminium Multi-Purpose Ladder
  • W2W - Aluminium Two-Way Ladder

Fiberglass Ladders

  • FDS Fiberglass Double-Sided Ladder
  • FPL - Fiberglass Platform Ladder
  • FCL - Fiberglass Compact Multi-Use Ladder
  • FMP - Fiberglass Multi-Purpose Ladder
  • F2W - Fiberglass Two-Way Ladder